Health Innovation Exchange

Leveraging innovation and technology is essential to fast-track progress to reach Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and other health-related Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets.

While new solutions for health are emerging in different parts of the world, these do not always get adopted on scale to deliver impact. There is a disconnect between innovators and implementers that needs to be bridged.

The Health Innovation Exchange identifies challenges faced by implementers and connects them with innovations that have high potential for impact. It also links with investors to scale up the efforts and develop sustainable solutions.

The Health Innovation Exchange builds upon and shares the expertise of countries, global health actors, innovators, communities and the private sector.

It is founded on a shared commitment to leave no one behind in our journey to achieve the SDGs.

The Health Innovation Exchange ecosystem

The Innovation Discovery Centre is an interactive exhibition that showcases high-potential innovations in health. The Centre also hosts thematic events based on identified priorities and provides a forum for countries to showcase their innovations and share lessons learned.

Innovation Marketplaces take place around specific themes and events, providing countries with an opportunity to share their latest solutions that have potential to be scaled up and implemented in local contexts.

Country Innovation Exchanges in select countries identify specific health-related challenges and areas where innovation and technology could transform access to health and bring together a variety of partners to find innovative solutions.

Innovation Connector Events and Hackathons convene key actors to identify and encourage local and community-based solutions to address health challenges.

The Health Innovation Exchange online portal provides a platform for innovators to connect and collaborate with each other as well as to identify potential investors to scale up effective solutions.

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Introducing the Health Innovation Exchange

The Health Innovation Exchange is about creating connections for access, impact and investment. Watch this video to find out more.