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Zenysis Technologies is a big data and artificial intelligence software company dedicated to accelerating global development goals and improving lives everywhere. Established in 2015, the company is led by software engineers and data scientists from Google, Amazon and NASA. The Zenysis software takes advantage of powerful open source technologies, machine learning, fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence to rapidly integrate, clean, standardize and store data from multiple fragmented data sources across sectors. Zenysis integrates data from fragmented systems through a generalized interoperability layer that uses data science techniques to harmonize the differences between integrated systems without requiring any modification to the systems themselves. The Zenysis Platform rapidly integrates data from structured data sources, for example: routine public health data in Health Management Information Systems like DHIS2; infectious disease surveillance and response (IDSR) data on key infectious diseases; laboratory information systems (LIS) data; logistics management information system (LMIS) data; population and census data; vaccination campaign data; and survey data such as health facility assessments. Zenysis can also integrate auxiliary data sets outside the health sector which may be critical to effective health program delivery, including data on water and sanitation; weather and climate; animal health and agriculture; education; and transport and trade. The Zenysis platform gives decision-makers a global view of their data for the first time, storing data in a warehouse capable of managing petabytes of data and trillions of events where they are queryable at sub-second speed through intuitive, flexible interfaces and dashboards. Zenysis has already implemented its platform in seven countries across Africa and South Asia where the platform has been tested and validated as an effective tool for improved decision-making.

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