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VisualDx is an award-winning, point of care clinical decision support system that has become a standard medical professional resource at more than 2,300+ medical universities, hospitals, and other clinical sites world-wide. VisualDx combines problem (symptom) oriented search with the world’s best curated medical image library, expert knowledge & sophisticated machine learning algorithms to aid with differential diagnosis, disease variation, treatment, and patient communication. VisualDx full-time staff of doctors, medical librarians and network of content contributors globally, have carefully curated content from leading publications and journals. This content is user-friendly organized and made available via web and native mobile apps. Content sections for 3,000+ diseases/ diagnoses include: Synopsis, What to Look For, Best Tests, Therapy, Mis-Diagnosis Pitfalls, References. VisualDx provides a guided work-up of questions and categories of information that supports a clinician in properly examining and collecting sufficient information to build a narrow differential diagnosis list of possible diagnoses. The guided work-up is dynamic and variable based on the combination of signs and symptoms input into the system. VisualDx includes images, diagrams, x-ray, radio-graphs, ECG scans, etc. carefully collected over 20+ years from an international network of content contributors to fully represent the variation in disease presentation. VisualDx has been purchased as an individual subscription license all over the world.

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