StartupBlink and the Health Innovation Exchange launch a Coronavirus Innovation Map

There is nothing more powerful than a global crisis to inspire new ideas and find innovative solutions to respond to the threat. Global solidarity, shared experiences and common goals motivate brilliant minds to work collectively towards finding effective solutions to meet the emergency. The coronavirus outbreak has shown the need to adapt, repurpose and innovate to save lives and to ensure that populations adjust to a new ‘socially distant’ reality. Innovators from all over the world are working tirelessly with one top priority in mind: stopping the rapid spread of the COVID virus by finding innovative solutions to end this global crisis. And we want to make sure that these innovations reach a wider audience and the knowledge is shared as a global good.

Why a Coronavirus Innovation Map?

We are happy to announce an exciting collaboration between StartupBlink and the Health Innovation Exchange (HIEx). Since 2014, StartupBlink has been leading on research and mapping innovations around the world. The Health Innovation Exchange has multi-sectorial experience in identifying challenges faced by implementers and connecting them with innovations that have potential for impact. With the common mandate to effectively orchestrate different stakeholders in responding to the corona virus crisis, StartupBlink and the UNAIDS Health Innovation Exchange have jointly launched the Coronavirus Innovation Map

Now more than ever, we believe that structured collaboration is the key to unlocking potential of innovations and finding effective solutions to respond promptly and effectively to the COVID-19 crisis. The idea behind this project is to give a comprehensive virtual representation of the incredible variety of COVID-19 related innovations that are emerging in different corners of the world in order to help teams of innovators to cooperate and build solutions faster and to identify innovative projects relevant to the public and private sector by their location.

How does it work?

It is a very easy-to-use map where you will only need to enter your location and choose the category of innovation you are most interested in (Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment, Information, Life and Business Adaptation). This powerful resource can be used in two different ways. If you are an innovator, and have an idea or solution to address the current outbreak, we would like to hear from you here. If you are a health care provider or a public official or an investor or philanthropist looking for solutions that could respond to your needs, you can find them here.

Do you know of an innovation helping you and others cope and adapt in these difficult times? Maybe a product or a resource created specifically to deal with the coronavirus crisis? Something we did not think we needed just a few weeks ago and now it is a must? please fill in this form.

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