OpenLMIS is a state-of-the-art, web-enabled, enterprise class electronic LMIS solution that facilitates the requisition and resupply process in low-resource settings for health commodities. An electronic LMIS automates this process, reducing manual data entry and hand calculations. The result is more complete, accurate and timely data for decision-making— essential to reducing stockouts, managing waste and losses, and operating an effective and efficient supply chain. OpenLMIS increases data visibility, helping supply chain managers identify and respond to commodity needs, particularly at health facilities where lack of data significantly impacts the availability of key medicines and vaccines. OpenLMIS Is an open source initiative supported by a collaborative group of partners including donors, technology partners, and implementing organizations. The OpenLMIS software is currently used to manage logistics processes at more than 11,000 health facilities across eight geographies in Africa, providing ordering, reporting, and inventory management for a mix of health programs including for Vaccines (EPI) as well as HIV, Malaria, TB, Family Planning, and Essential Medicines.

Countries Of implementation


Global team spanning across the USA, Nairobi, Europe, etc.