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miDiagnostics is developing accurate and integrated next-generation diagnostic tests for a wide range of diseases, that can be used anywhere and anytime.

This true form of near-patient testing is enabled by a novel silicon nanofluidic technology platform, that allows for the precise and accurate detection and quantification of cells, proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecules.

The low-cost, disposable test card, harbouring the nanoFluidic Processor mitigates the need for large, costly and complex instrumentation. It operates with a portable reader and brings affordable clinical diagnostics to healthcare professionals and even patients, allowing for better, timely, and generally more efficient healthcare decision making, and improved patient management.

Thanks to the versatility of the platform, different medical conditions and applications can be addressed, including early screening and treatment of infectious diseases (e.g. Tropical fever, TB and HIV/HCV/HBV), rapid diagnosis of acute diseases (e.g. viral versus bacterial infection, meningitis, and upper and lower respiratory tract infection), and (home) monitoring of patients (e.g. HIV treatment efficacy, organ transplant CMV infection monitoring, and chemotherapy monitoring).

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