Human Papilloma Virus Detection for Screening Programmes in Resource-Limited Regions

High-tech low-complexity Electrophoresis-PCR-based screening program



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HPV screening Electrophoresis PCR Diagnostics


Large HPV screening programmes have been initiated in several countries, in response to the increased risk of developing cervical cancer from HPV infection. The cost of test is of great significance when expanding HPV screening programmes. Based on the costeffective and well-established methods of conventional PCR and gel-electrophoresis, Cytecs has developed a panel of test kits, which covers the high-risk virus types as per the WHO classification. The test not only reduces the complexity of gel-electrophoresis, but the stand-alone 20 x 20 cm equipment contains all necessary components: Electrophoresischamber, LED illumination, CCD camera and Wi-Fi data collection and transfer. The solution is not only easy to use and highly reliable but also cost effective.

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